Running Video Analysis

The running video analysis service provides a detailed evaluation of your running technique with a focus on all aspects of your biomechanics.


The 1hr Running Video Analysis costs £80 and includes:

  • A detailed screening of your pelvis and spine focussing on areas such as leg length, pelvic dysfunction and intrinsic biomechanics. All of these areas are used in the identification of muscular imbalances that may predispose an athlete to injury.
  • A detailed assessment of your footwear with recommendations based on walking analysis on a treadmill
  • A computerised pressure plate scan of your feet (both static and dynamic) to show how you maintain balance in relation to your centre of gravity.
  • Video analysis of your walking and running technique on the track
  • 1-2-1 Coaching session on the track
  • 1 month FREE access to our online training platform. This includes running drills, corrective exercises and scheduled runs for your next event.

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