Matthew Stephens MSc

Sports Biomechanist / Running Specialist / Personal Trainer

Matthew is a Sports Biomechanist with a particular interest in the Biomechanics of Running. Matthew has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years working with a wide range of clients from all athletic backgrounds.
As specialists in the biomechanics of running we use innovative methods of analysis to analyse human motion. With a clear focus on injury risk prediction we are able to signpost potential risk factors that will predispose someone to injury and focus your training on correcting these muscular imbalances in a bid to limit the potential onset of injury and ensure that you can maintain peak performance for longer.
Matthew currently lectures in Sports Biomechanics, Fitness Training and Exercise Physiology at Birmingham Metropolitan College, Staffordshire University and University of Wolverhampton.
Through combining his biomechanics and exercise knowledge Matthew specialises in injury risk prediction and focuses his training on correcting the asymmetries that we develop over many years in a bid to limit the potential onset of injury and ensure that the athlete can maintain peak performance for longer. 
As a qualified coach, through England Athletics, Matthew currently coaches at Birchfield Harriers providing technique analysis, effective training methods and strength and conditioning.